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Aug 29, 2022

Today's guest, award-winning author and book coach Michele Chynoweth shares her story of going from dark days to following God's leading - even when it didn't make sense to her. 

Michele is known for turning Bible stories into contemporary novels. Her latest novel, The Wise Man could be ripped from the headlines as it explores behind the scenes of the Supreme Court as members are poised to make a major decision on a landmark abortion issue that involves the historic Roe v. Wade case.

An epic contemporary suspense novel inspired by the Bible story of Solomon, The Wise Man dives deep into the question, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

Even author and actor Kirk Cameron (“Growing Pains,” “Left Behind,” “Fireproof”) says:

“A riveting, ripped-from-the-headlines suspense that goes behind the scenes of the Supreme Court, The Wise Man reveals the magnitude of making a decision on one of the most important issues of our lifetime.”

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