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Are you craving a deeper relationship with your Heavenly Father?
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This podcast is for Daughters of the King, learning to live in the world (but not of the world) and learning to seek a Christ-centered life balance!
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Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year! Today, my boys join me to discuss our "one word" for 2021. What's yours?


Dec 24, 2020

Today, we're reflecting on gifts from our Heavenly Father! I have the privilege of sharing testimonies from my earthly father and mother as well! God's gifts for His children are so, so good. 

Dec 17, 2020

Have you seen the painting of Santa kneeling before the manger? In this episode, we welcome artist and author Gay Frances Willard to share the story behind her painting and book by the same name, Every Knee Shall Bow. We talk about using common culture to point back to God's truth as we explore this painting, which has...

Dec 10, 2020

Gina Napoli shares stories from her book, Clunk on the Head: How the Holy Spirit got our attention as we discuss how to hear the Holy Spirit more...

Dec 3, 2020

Have you been going through difficult times? Today, we're joined by Pat Jewell to talk about lessons on living in Joy, even when life is tough! Tune in as Pat talks about life, joy, and her new book, Oh Da Joy. You don't want to miss this!