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This podcast is for Daughters of the King, learning to live in the world (but not of the world) and learning to seek a Christ-centered life balance!
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Jul 28, 2020

This candid conversation is a continuation of my conversation with Debbie Reeves. After we ended last week's episode, we just kept talking and ended up discussing several things that just amaze us.  May you be blessed by it!

Dreams and Visions by Debora K. Reeves

Jul 21, 2020

Is God calling you to do something more but the thought scares you? Listen to today's conversation with my friend and mentor, Debbie Reeves. Debbie shares about her journey "in the spiritual realm with training wheels on" in learning to walk in her gift. 

Dreams and Visions by Debora K. Reeves

Jul 14, 2020

Listen to author, Michele Howe, as she discusses what she has learned about navigating the friendship maze and finding authentic friendships. Who is influencing you and who are you influencing?

Jul 7, 2020

Listen in as Keri speaks with Amy Rienow of Visionary Family Ministries about Amy's book, Not So Perfect Mom. Hear a discussion about how we are to raise people, not products, and how our relationships with our children can mirror our relationships...